About Luidia:

Luidia, the creators of the eBeam and Equil products, make every surface smart. They build hardware and software that can be attached to any surface – whiteboards, displays, walls, glass and even paper.  This interactive whiteboard technology allows you to interact with and annotate computer media or capture and share dry erase notes or ink.


About eBeam Experts:

For the last five years eBeam Experts have been partnered with Luidia and have been providing interactive whiteboard technology to engineers, teachers, architects and presenters in offices and schools around the world.  eBeam Experts are your premiere source for the eBeam Edge and eBeam Engage as well as the recently released and popular Equil Smartmarker.  You can rest assured that you will get the best prices and the best service with eBeam Experts.  We are a tight-knit company that believes in putting the customer first.


About eBeam Edge:

Interactive whiteboards are a computer or LCD driven device that allows users to access electronic files and the internet by making the surface of the whiteboard or LCD TV “Smart”.   This technology triangulates the position of the stylus in respect to the base unit and allows you to navigate the web using the stylus as a mouse and a digital pen.

The eBeam Edge is a product that can turn any rigid projection surface (wall, whiteboard, display) into an interactive space allowing users to navigate, annotate, manipulate and share computer files – think of the area like a giant iPad where an ergonomic stylus controls everything on your computer. Groups can collaborate, presentations can be dynamically edited and it works really well with pre-made interactive lessons available through eBeam and other interactive whiteboard manufacturer’s and third party curriculum developers.  The eBeam Edge is much more affordable and flexible than it’s competitors because it only weighs a few ounces and can be placed and moved easily from surface to surface and the same device can make interactive environments up to 9′ x 5′.  No hidden costs for shipping or installation. The technology is in the pen and the receiver not in an expensive, bulky, and fixed position solution. The stylus serves as a digital marker as well as a mouse so classroom notes can be taken in the easy to use software and media, interactive activities, and hyperlinks can be added to the notes to bring concepts to life for the students.  A capture pack is also available which allows capturing real ink in a digitized file.  This file could be used to review notes at a later time or to participate in remote instruction or remote collaboration.  eBeam Edge works best with a ceiling mounted short throw projector or LCD Display of at least 55 inches.

With schools and businesses budgets getting tighter and tighter why not take advantage of the equipment you already have to upgrade your technology.  If you have a ceiling mounted projector and preferably a whiteboard (but any hard white surface will work)  you could have a fully functional interactive whiteboard for 1/3 of the price as some of the other Smart Board options.  Besides the fact that it is light and compact, at only three pounds, it is also scalable and easily transported from room to room or office to office.

We have personally sold thousands of units to K-12, Pre-K, Community Colleges, Universities, Architects, Engineers and even to The Kennedy Space Center.  The word is out and, with the rising popularity of the eBeam Edge and the eBeam Engage, these units have found there way into several school districts throughout US, Ministry of Education adoption in Mexico, Japan, Brazil, India, UK, Spain and France.

An interesting editorial from our friends over at Smart Boards Reviews compares some of the top selling interactive whiteboard options and reveals that the eBeam Edge is the Editor’s Choice for best overall value.  The eBeam Engage offers a few options more than the Edge –  such as JBL speakers, a wireless keypad and a scrolling device all up at the board to keep you engaged in your lesson or presentation and reducing the need to return to computer.

About the Equil Smartmarker:

Luidia just recently introduced the Equil Smartmarker which we now have in stock.  This device allows the user to attach a receiver to the board and capture, save and stream everything that is written on the whiteboard within an area of up to 16′ x 5′.  It also allows, through free apps, a way to share whiteboard content, through bluetooth, with laptops, smartphones and tablets – no projector needed. This will literally put an end to the need for taking a picture of the whiteboard to record content.

When you place the Equil Smartmarker sensor on a whiteboard using the provided bracket or built in magnets and then place a standard dry erase marker in the provided sleeve, everything you write gets captured to your favorite device. And, if you are not connected to a device, everything is saved on the sensor so it can be transferred later.  As you write, notes and diagrams can be shared over the internet making this a great tool for distance learning or classroom to classroom collaboration.  Once the notes are captured, they can be edited, shared and enhanced with additional media.  No teacher will ever have to write “Do Not Erase” on his or their classroom whiteboard again.  Plug and play – write, share and save your notes right out of the box and post on your favorite learning or social platform.


About Time:

All of the aforementioned units are all very good options for upgrading your technology and achieving the same results that the $5000 + smart boards give you but the eBeam and Equil products from Luidia fall within a reasonable budget.

Why not get yours today?

The 3 biggest benefits you can expect from utilizing 

the eBeam Edge/Smartmarker

  • Inexpensive and adaptable “Smart Board” experience on a budget price
  • Better utilization of whiteboard for visual and kinesthetic learners and everything captured is able to be distributed and enhanced by students to continue engagement wih the concepts and material
  • Facilitates collaboration and interaction among teams and groups in the classroom all over the planet